1. Entries must be submitted via our online form only by April 23, 2023 the latest. The form is accessible via the following link:
  2. Following information shall be provided:
    1. Personal data: first name, last name, home address, email address, and telephone number.
    2. Name, ingredients & preparation of your drink
    3. Photo upload: Photo of the drink & portrait of the applicant.
    4. Information about the place of work: Name of the bar & address
  3. Owners of the companies as well as their employees from our partners are excluded from participating in the competition.



  1. The use of spirits which are not offered by our partners cannot be used.
  2. Products (except spirits) that are not sponsors of the competition may also be used. However, these may not be the main component of the cocktails.
  3. In the finals, each participant uses his/her bar tools & glasses to prepare the drinks.
  4. At the final, each participant will prepare 4 portions of the drink. One drink for each member of the jury and additionally one drink for the photographic documentation of the competition.
  5. Each drink with a partner product as one of the main components automatically participates in the respective special category.
  6. With the submission of cocktail recipes the participant grants ROLLING PIN and the participating sponsors the unrestricted rights of use to his/her recipes and the respective cocktails. (Background of this legal notice is the presentation and promotion of winners and winning cocktails in the ROLLING PIN Magazine).