Step 1: Submit your recipe by April 23, 2023

A recipe including a photo of the drink and a portrait of the bartender must be submitted with the application. A maximum of two recipes can be submitted per bartender. Participation is free of charge.

Submit your recipe via the following link:


This recipe is only for the selection of the finalists.

Step 2: Pre-final & announcement of the finalists

In the pre-final, a jury reviews & evaluates the submitted recipes and selects the 20 best recipes. The author of the recipe will be anonymized. The barkeeper who sent in the best recipes will be announced by May 3, 2023 and invited to the final on May 22 and 23, 2023 in Graz. Each finalist will receive 4 free tickets to the Rolling Pin.Convention 2023. Travel and hotel expenses must be covered by the finalists themselves.

For the finals you will be assigned to a specific group, where you receive a product, which you have to use in your drink for the round 1 of the finals. This product has to be a main character in your drink.

All products of our partners at the Rolling Pin.Convention may be used as additional components in the drinks – these will be provided in the preparation room and on stage in sufficient quantity. The list of partner products will be published on May 3, 2023.

It is also allowed to use products that are not sponsors of the competition. However, these products should not have a main character in your drink.


Step 3: Final May 22-23, 2023 in Graz, Austria

The final with the best 20 recipes will take place from May 22-23, 2023 at the Rolling Pin.Convention in Graz. The winner will be determined in three rounds:


  Round 1 Round 2 Round 2
  Mix your own drink! Speed-Round Black-Box
Number/Count 20 Barkeepers 5 Barkeepers 3 Barkeepers
Procedure Each finalist creates his recipe based on the assigned product.

Mix your drink with the most modern/innovative techniques in combination with spices & other ingredients out of the kitchen.

All other ingredients are freely selectable. The only important thing is that the assigned product is one of the main components of the drink. 

4 drinks defined in advance Drinks have to be prepared by the bartenders

Evaluation criteria:
– 50 % time
– 50 % taste

The 3 best bartenders from round 2 will compete. In the final, a black box with a pre-made dish will be served. The finalists have to come up with a suitable drink for this dish. They are allowed to use all the ingredients available on the stage.
Presentation time 10 min. + explanation of the recipe during that time Max. Timecap of 5 minutes 10 minutes + explanation of the recipe during this time