MASH Steak & Bistro Sommelier


MASH Steak & Bistro Sommelier
Frau Rienne Bilz
Muehlenstrasse 34
40213 Dusseldorf
Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland

+49 21124092139

Beschreibung von MASH Steak & Bistro Sommelier in Dusseldorf

Copenhagen Concepts ApS is the parent company behind the successful international restaurants MASH and Bistro Sommelier. ;

MASH - Modern American Steak House, and has become one of the best steak houses in the world. Starting in the states, steak houses have achieved an enormous popularity, attracting actors, celebrities, sports heroes and others who crave top-notch steaks in a cosy atmosphere with loads of character. 

We’ve transported this cultural icon elsewhere around the globe, offering the highest quality of meat in the world. In fact, our two-star Michelin chef and founding team spent two years researching the best steaks and side dishes to capture an authentic American steak house experience. Add to that a specially selected wine list by our Chairman of the Sommelier Society of Denmark, as well as attentive customer service, and MASH has garnered an amazing reputation amongst culinary connoisseurs bar none.

The first MASH opened in Copenhagen in 2009 to rave reviews. Since then, we have opened several more locations in Denmark, London, Hamburg and Dusseldorf.

MASH London was awarded Restaurant of the Year in 2013 and MASH Skovriderkroen was the second most visited restaurant in Denmark in 2014 or MASH Hamburg recived the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence.




Classic French Brasserie and international wine bar.

The newly opened "Bistro Sommelier" is a splendid mix of beautiful architecture, French vibes, art, exclusive wines and delicious food. The concept is a development from our sister-restaurant in Copenhagen, Le Sommelier, which is still a star on the wine-map of Northern Europe.